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Machine Learning Course in Chandigarh


The computing technologies nowadays are more advanced than ever. So, machine learning too has improved to a great extent and has improved a lot. Machine learning evolved from the idea to train computers so they can work without being explixitly programmed and to perform specific tasks. Machine learning aims at training the machines from a huge dataset and learn from past experience.

Machine learning is not new and it is here for a while now. But it has improved drastically over the time for a great extent. Here are a few examples of machine learning you might have heard of:

Google’s self driving car uses machine learning and deep learning technology. Amazon uses machine learning technology in online recommandation systems. Machine learning can also detect the human emotions ans face recognition. Machine leanrning is also used in the cyber crime detectiona and fraud identification.

Importance of Machine Learning

Machine learning is being used in the financial industry to to provide a powerful insight and take decisions. Machine learning is useful in decision making and risk identification. Machine learning algorithms can also detect the client profiles which have high risks. ML can also help in pin pointing the sign of fraud. Government agencies uses machine learning for the public safety and diggin deep into the data. As governments have a huge amount of data, they can be used for the powerful insights. It can also help the government to identify the areas to increase efficiency and save budget. Machine learning is used in the healthcare sector of the detection and identification of diseases. Machine learning technology is useful for the medical experts and scientists and improve the ways of treatment and diagnosis.

Why Machine learning course?

Machine learning is not a new technology but it has seen a huge improvement in the past few years. There is a huge demand for machine learning experts in India and abroad. Machine learning is a bright career and has a huge scope. Students who aspire to become a machine learning expert and become a data scientist can contact DummyByte for industrial training. We offer 6 months industrial training in machine learning certification course. Contact DummyByte for further information.

Machine Learning Languages, Types, and Examples
  1. Machine Learning vs Statistical Modelling
  2. Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  3. Supervised Learning Classification
  4. Unsupervised Learning
  5. Reinforcement Learning
Supervised Learning
  1. K-Nearest Neighbors
  2. Decision Trees
  3. Random Forests
  4. Reliability of Random Forests
  6. Support Vector Machine
  7. Ensemble models
  8. Regression Algorithms
  9. Model Evaluation
  10. Model Evaluation: Overfitting & Underfitting
  11. Understanding Different Evaluation Models
Unsupervised Learning
  1. K-Means Clustering plus Advantages & Disadvantages
  2. Hierarchical Clustering plus Advantages & Disadvantages
  3. Measuring the Distances Between Clusters - Single Linkage Clustering
  4. Measuring the Distances Between Clusters - Algorithms for Hierarchy Clustering
  5. Density-Based Clustering
Feature Engineering and Featurization
  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Time Series
  3. Rolling Window Concept
  4. Understanding Time Series
  5. Feature Extraction from Time Series
  6. Multiple Time Series Feature Extraction
Deep Learning And Neural Networks
  1. Introduction
  2. Neural Network
  3. Recurrent Neural Network
  4. LSTM
  5. Deep RNN
  6. CNN
  7. Gated Reccurent Unit
  8. Artifical Neural Network
  9. Capsule Network
  10. Shallow Neural Networks
  1. Overview of Natural Language Processing
  2. Introduction to Computer vision
  3. Introduction to Chatbots