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Top 12 Machine Learning Project Ideas for Students

In this post, we will be discussing the machine learning projects based on Python, Matlab, and other languages. Let us look at the machine learning project ideas one by one.

1. Twitter Sentiment analysis using machine learning

In this machine learning project, we will attempt to conduct the sentiment analysis on the tweets using different machine learning algorithms. In this project, we try to classify the polarity of tweets whether it is positive or negative. If the tweet has both the positive and negative elements, the sentiment with more weight should be picked as the final label. We use the database from Kaggle which was crawled and labeled as positive or negative. We use various machine learning algorithms to conduct the sentiment analysis by using the extracted features.

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2. Fake News Analysis using Machine Learning


This project uses Natural Language Processing techniques for detecting the fake news that is misleading news and stories coming from unreliable sources. It can be achieved by building a model based on the count vectorizer or a Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency matrix. But these models do not consider important qualities like context and order of words. Dealing with the fake news is the perfect example of text classification project. Also, you can use the Naive Bayes classifier in order to create a model to classify news into fake, real or biased.

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3. Road Trip Analysis using Machine Learning

The accurate trip generation forecasting model is the basic and important part of the traffic forecasting model. This project is based on the machine learning algorithm which has an excellent Global search capability with the trip generation forecasting model in order to improve the accuracy of prediction. The proposed system should also satisfy the path constraints and should also meet the driver’s preferences.


4. Road Accident Analysis using Machine Learning

There are many techniques in the automobile industries to build safety measures and designs for the automobiles. But the traffic accidents are unavoidable. There are a huge number of accidents happening in the rural as well as the urban areas. Predictions models can be developed which will be capable of automatic separation of various accident scenarios. These clusters will be capable of separation of various accidental scenarios. This project can also be an exciting project to work on.


5. Gaming Agent AI

Artificial intelligence methods have been developed that which are able to play a variety of games. For example, snake game is a computer game whose goal is to control a snake and to collect food in the map. The single player variant of the game requires a player to navigate a line based representation of a snake in a two-dimensional playing area. The application of artificial intelligence to play the game of snake has not yet fully explored. In this project, we work on the techniques to improve the automated snake game playing.

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6. Lane Detection

To improve the accuracy of lane detection in complex conditions, such as shadows and lighting changes, a new detection algorithm was proposed based on machine learning. After the pretreatment, haar-like filters were used to calculate the eigenvalues in the grey images. To avoid the overfitting, Fisher discriminant analysis is used to initialize the weights of samples. The algorithm thus created had good robustness and can recognize the lane in the challenging conditions.

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7. Real-Time Food Detection

You can use the machine learning algorithms for the fun theme like recognizing the food and snacks. The main goal of the project would be to develop a computer vision system that can perform the real-time food classification and localization. Convolution Neural Network can be used for the image classification accuracy. Artificial intelligence can recognize the objects better than human experts. Thus deep learning method of food classification can be a good project to work on and can be a future of the food industry.

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8. Object Detection with Deep Learning



Deep Neural Networks have recently been used for object detection and image classification. In this project, we go one step further and address the problem of object detection using the DNN. We create a simple and powerful formulation of the object detection as the regression problem to object bounding box masks.

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9. Stock Market Price Prediction

Stock Market Price Prediction system can be another good idea for the beginners. The stock market prediction software can monitor and analyze the company performance and predict the future prices of the stocks. Moreover, the stock market has a huge amount of data so there is a great potential for a good machine learning project. DummyByte has worked on the stock market price prediction project and can assist you in making a fresh machine learning project in Chandigarh.

10. Sports Predictor

Another practical machine learning project can be a sports result prediction system. You can create a sports result prediction system for the famous sports and tournaments like NBA, NHL, tennis etc. With the huge amount of player data and stats available over the internet, you can build a machine learning model that odds of winning a player or a team in a particular match. This can be a challenging as well as an interesting machine learning project for beginners.

11. Sentiment Analyzer

You will be surprised to know that machine learning can also be used for the sentiment analysis. All of us use social media platforms. Social media platforms have become a powerful tool for businesses, brands and other agencies. Social media is always overflowing with tonnes of user-created content. Machine learning algorithms can also be used to analyze the sentiment behind the text and our posts.

This is particularly useful for brands and organizations as they can better understand consumer behavior. Many big brands are already using the sentiment analyze machine learning project on all their social media platform accounts. Contact DummyByte if you want to learn to create Sentiment analyzer machine learning project from scratch.

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12. Symptom Checker

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can also be used to build symptom checker software. In this project, we create machine learning models for the diseases and their symptoms. The interface will ask users about the symptoms they are suffering from. In the end, it will predict the chance of having a particular disease. This can also be an interesting machine learning project idea for beginners.


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