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Top 20 Amazing Reasons to Learn Java in 2019

Java is one of the best programming languages. It is also one of the most popular programming languages amongst developers and can be used to create web applications, customized software and web portals including eCommerce and m-Commerce solutions.

There is no doubt that Java has been going strong over the years. Java has survived for 20 long years. Java is becoming stronger after each passing day.

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Many computer graduates often have doubts about which programming language they should learn. Or which is the best programming language? But it all depends on the definition of the best programming language.

If you choose popularity as a parameter, then Java outscores every programming language. In terms of job opportunities also, Java outscores every programming language. You can get a lot of job opportunities by learning the Java programming language.

Here we list top reasons to learn Java in 2019

1. Java is easy to learn

This may surprise you if you see that the top reason to learn Java is that it is easy to learn. But it actually is. Yes, it may be difficult to get productive in a short span of time but this is the case with most of the professional projects.

Java has fluent English like syntax which has minimum magic characters, for example, generic angle brackets which make it easy to read Java program and learn quickly.

2. Java is an object-oriented programming language

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Developing an OOP application is much easier and it also helps to keep the system modular, extensible and flexible. Once you have knowledge of key OOP concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, you can use all those with Java. Java itself embodies many best practices and design pattern in its library.

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3. Java has a rich API

Java has a rich API and it is highly visible because it comes with the Java installation. The early development used Applets and provide a great animation capability. Java provides API for Input-Output networking, utility database connections etc.

4. Powerful development tools

Java comes with powerful development tools. For example Eclipse and Netbeans have played a huge role in making Java one of the best programming language. These tools not only help in code completion but also provides debugging capabilities which is essential for real-world development.

5. Open source libraries

The open source libraries ensure that Java should be used everywhere. Apache, Google, and other organizations have contributed a lot for these libraries which makes Java development easy, faster and cost-effective.

6. Good community support

Good community support is the biggest strength of Java programming language. No matter how good a programming language is, it won’t survive if there is no community to support, help and share knowledge. Java has a huge number of forums and groups that support each other.

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7. Java is open source

Java is free to use. You don’t need to pay anything to create a Java application. For adopting a technology, the cost is an important factor. Availability of Java programmers is another big thing which makes an organization to choose Java for their strategic development.

8. Excellent Documentation

When you first see Java doc, you’ll get amazed as it is a great piece of information and tells a lot about the Javadoc documentation. Java wouldn’t be so popular without such good Java documentation.

9. Java is platform independent

Java is a platform independent programming language. The idea of platform independence is great and Java has a tagline of “write once and run anywhere”.

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10. Java is everywhere

Java is everywhere. It is on the desktop, on mobile, and almost everywhere. Java programmers outnumber programmers of the other programming language. The huge availability of Java developers is the reason why organizations choose Java as their preferred programming language.

11. Lots of resources to learn Java

There are tons of resources to learn Java. Java being a mature programming language has a lot of resources that can act as your perfect companion in the learning process. Depending on your need, you can opt for free or paid learning resources to aid yourself.

12. Used in real-world applications

Java is used on websites like Amazon, Linkedin, eBay, and other big websites.

13. Simple Grammer

Java has a very simple grammar and is familiar to anyone having experience in C and C++.

14. Portability

Java is a portable programming language and runs well on all the popular platforms.

15. Easier to maintain

Java is a statically typed language which means that your code will have to be checked for errors before it can be built into the app. This means that errors will be easier to track down. As statically typed programming languages are more strict, you will have less strange and unexpected errors.

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16. Optimized Performance

Modern Java programs are now more performant thanks to mature JIT (just in time) compilers and improved JVMs, as performance can be optimized in real time to help a Java program run faster. This is very helpful as your application grows larger or needs to handle more processes.

17. Cross Platform

The cross-platform friendliness is one of the main features of Java programming. With Java programming, you have to write code once and then use the code anywhere. Java is cross-platform programming language as the compiled Java program can be run on all the platforms which have a Java virtual machine(JVM).

18. Budget Friendly

Java is a budget-friendly programming language which is universally popular. However, finding a reliable Java development company can be difficult for business owners.

19. Multi-Threading

Java web applications can manage their own use by several users at the same time. This can be done by creating threads for each user within the program instead of having to execute multiple copies of the programming.

20. Secure

Java is designed to be secure in a networked environment. The Java run-time environment uses a bytecode verification process to ensure that code loaded over the network does not violate Java security constraints.

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