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Things you can do with Python – 3 Most Popular Applications

You are probably here if you are looking to learn Python. If you have recently started to learn Python, you may be asking yourself :

What things can you do with Python?”

This is a tricky question because there are so many things that you can do with the Python programming language. But over the time, there are three main applications of Python :

Web Development

Data Science – This includes machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization.


Let's talk about them one by one

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Web Development

Web frameworks that are based on Python like Flask and Django have recently become popular in web development.

These frameworks help you to create the server side code in Python. Server-side code runs on the server as opposed on the user’s device and browsers. But what is the need for a web framework? This is because a web framework makes it easier to build the common backend logic. This includes mapping different URLs to the chunks of Python code, generating HTML files and connecting with the databases.

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Which Python framework should I use?

Django and Flask are the two most popular Python web frameworks. We’d recommend you to use one of those technologies if you are getting started.


What is the difference between Django and Flask?

The major differences between Flask and Django are:

Flask provides simplicity, flexibility and a greater control. It lets you decide how you want to implement things.

Django provides an all-inclusive environment You get admin panel, database interface, ORM and directory structure for your apps and projects which are out of the box.

You should choose:

Flask, if you are focused on the experience and learning opportunities, or if you want more control about the components you want to use.

Django, if you are focused on the final product. For example, if you are working on the straightforward applications like the new website, e-store, or a blog, Django is the preferred framework.

In other words, if you are a beginner, Flask is the better choice as it has fewer components to deal with. Also, flask is a better choice if you want more customization.

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If you are looking to build something faster, Django is the framework you must choose.

Data Science

Python is the preferred programming language for data science and machine learning. Machine learning implements the algorithm that detects a pattern in the given input. For example, if you give 1000 pictures of a dog and 1000 pictures of a table to the machine learning algorithm, it will learn the difference between a dog and a table. You can apply the same idea to the

  • recommendation system

  • face recognition

  • voice recognition

Some of the popular machine learning algorithms you might have heard about includes

  • Neural networks

  • Deep learning

  • Support vector machines

  • Random forest

Python for Machine Learning

There are popular machine learning libraries and frameworks for Python. Two of the most popular libraries are scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

Scikit-learn comes with the machine learning algorithms built in. Some of them are mentioned above.

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TensorFlow is a low level library that allows to build the machine learning algorithm.

If you are just getting into the machine learning, We would recommend you to first start with the scikit-learn. If you want better accuracy, you must go for the Tensorflow.

Data analysis and Data Visualization with Python

One of the most popular libraries for data visualization is Matplotlib. It is a good library for getting started because it is easy to get started with. Also, some other libraries are based on it. So, learning Matplotlib will help you to learn these libraries later on.


Scripting is referred to as writing the small programs which are designed to automate simple tasks. Python is a good scripting language because it has simple syntax and is easy to write.

Python 3 or Python 2

We would recommend using Python 3 as it is a modern and more popular option.

Backend code VS Front-end Code

For front-end code, you might user’s

  • Swift for iOS

  • Java for Android

  • Javascript for web browsers

Each set of code will work on each type of device. This is necessarily a set of code that determines what will be the layout of the app. Python is a good choice for writing the server side code.

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