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6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh – DummyByte

Looking for the best 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh? Confused about which course to go for? Do not know which course is best for your career? In this blog post, we will discuss all these questions. At the end of the post, you will be able to see clearly which course is best for you and why.

There are many industrial training institutes in Chandigarh offering industrial training. Students often get confused while choosing the best institute and the best course which will be beneficial for the students. Serious students who are conscious about their career or the students make the smart choice and choose what is best for them. But more than 90 percent of the students have no idea what is good for their carrier.

Why go for industrial training in Companies instead of institutes?

In the past few years, industrial training has seen a shift in the trends. Instead of going for the industrial training institutes, the majority of the students are choosing tech companies over industrial training institutes for industrial training. The reason is simple. Students want to work in the real corporate environment to get the hands-on experience. Gone are the days of classroom study and boring lectures.

Student wants to work and learn from the industry experts to get to know how real projects are made, challenges faced in real time and how to work in the pressure condition. After the successful industrial training, interns can start looking for jobs in their respective fields or these tech companies can absorb the students based on their performance.

Is Industrial Training Important?

Yes, industrial training is very helpful for students in many ways:

  • Industrial training helps students to understand how an industry/company/ organization functions.
  • Industrial training for engineering students involves learning and applying technical knowledge. You also get to interact with a lot of people performing various roles and serving in different positions.
  • Just by observing them and having an interaction with them gives you an idea of how a company functions.
  • At DummyByte, we cater to an environment where we work on the overall development of the trainee.
  • We have open discussions and meeting sessions where teams can work in collaboration and interact with each other.
  • We create a positive and open culture to foster happy trainees.
  • We organize seminars, workshops, and meetings to keep them aware of the latest and trending technologies.

DummyByte is also an artificial intelligence based company in Chandigarh which offers an industrial training course for the students in various courses.

Which industrial training courses are Trending Nowadays?

Here is a list of the trending industrial training courses

1. Python Development in Chandigarh

Python is a full-fledged object-oriented programming language. It can be used for web development- frontend and backend, scripting, machine learning development and more. Python is easy to learn. Python supports many libraries for artificial intelligence and machine learning development.


2. Machine Learning Course in Chandigarh

Machine learning is the subfield of artificial intelligence. Machine learning experts are in huge demand at the global level. Machine learning is a bright career and can be chosen as a full-time career. Students who aspire to become a machine learning expert and become a data scientist can contact DummyByte for industrial training.

3. MATLAB Training in Chandigarh

Matlab is mandatory if you want to become a data scientist. MATLAB is used for image processing, computer vision, machine learning, robotics, signal processing, communications and more. Matlab is an interactive software that requires dimensioning. MATLAB allows the user to solve many technical computing problems especially the vector algebra and matrix formulation.

Top 12 Machine Learning Project Ideas for Students

4. Data mining training in Chandigarh

Data mining involves the analysis of large datasets. Data mining is more than just the simple data analysis. Data mining is becoming a popular field as big organizations deal with a huge amount of data and information. Data mining is a relatively new field where the competition is very low and salaries are very high. Not many industrial training institutes in Chandigarh offer data mining training. But the scope of career opportunities in data mining in MNCs is huge once you complete the data mining course.

5. Java training in Chandigarh

Java is the most popular programming language despite being here for a long time. Technologies come and go but Java has been tried and tested by time and remain the top choice for a development web app, mobile app, operating systems etc. Java is one of the best programming language created ever. Java has proved it in the last 20 years. Many graduates are looking to learn Java programming as it is the most popular programming language. In terms of jobs opportunities, Java outscores every programming language in every metric. Java programmers get packages more than any other programming language in the industry.


For more courses, visit our industrial training page. You can choose DummyByte for the best 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh.