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Python Vs MATLAB - The Best Comparison on Internet

Python and MatLab both are used for the machine learning projects development. In this blog post, we will compare two and discuss some of the cons and pros of Python and MatLab. In the end, we will conclude which is best for building the machine learning projects.

Difference between Python Vs MatLab

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language. Python is an interpreted, interactive and object-oriented programming language just like PERL or Ruby. Python is designed to be easy to learn and implement. Python is free to use and it can run on all the operating systems.

On the other hand, MATLAB is a high-performance language that is generally used for the purpose of technical computing. MATLAB integrates the computation, visualization, and programming in an easy to use environment and problems and solutions are expressed in mathematical notations.


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Python is a widely used programming language. It is mainly developed for the purpose of code readability. Python is a programming language that that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

There are basically two versions of Python-Python 2 and Python 3. Both are quite different. MatLab is an abbreviation for Matrix Laboratory. It is mainly used for matrix operations and program solving related to the Linear algebra. It offers additional toolboxes like control design, image processing, and digital image processing.

Python is basically a programming language. The most common implementation is in C. Python also has a standard extensive library.

Python Uses and Features:

  • Easy to learn and implement.
  • Highly Portable

  • Extensible and Free

  • Uses white space to delimit the blocks.

Productivity: Python reduces the development time and improves the program maintenance. Python is mainly used for rapid prototyping, web scraping, XML processing, GUI applications etc.

Matlab Uses and Features:

Working through the simulation. Matlab saves time and reduce costs.

  • Can be used for image processing.

  • Matlab is a programming language along with the programming interface.

  • Matlab’s functionality can be extended by using the additional toolboxes. These are the set of specified functions that provide more specialized functionality like excel link to allow data to be written in a format recognized by excel.

Advantages of Matlab

  • Some of the advantages of Matlab are:

  • It has a large number of functions.

  • Simulink is a product which does not have a good alternative yet.

  • It is easier for the beginners to use. Because the package includes all that you need. While in Python, you need to install extra packages and an IDE.

  • It also has huge community support.


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Advantages of Python

Some of the advantages of Python are:

Beautiful Programming Language. Python was created to be a generic programming language that is easy to learn and implement. It is the most readable programming language. After you become familiar with Python, you will be amazed at how well it is designed.

Powerful. As Python is well designed, it is easier than other programming languages to transform your ideas into reality. Further, Python comes with an extensive library and has powerful data types like the list, sets, and dictionary.

Namespace. Matlab supports namespace for the functions that you write. But the core of Matlab is without namespace.

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Conclusion – Python Vs Matlab

Finally, we conclude the Python Vs Matlab. Python Vs Matlab both are having advantages and disadvantages. Both Python and Matlab are successful in the market.

Python is specially designed for the cloud environment. Matlab is an interactive environment whose basic element is an array that does not require the dimensioning. This allows you to solve many technical and computing problems.

Especially with the matrix and vector formulation. You can write the program in a fraction of time which rather would take a long time if noninteractive languages like C or FORTRAN were used.

MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimensioning. This allows you to solve many technical and computing problems especially those with the matrix and vector formulations.

MATLAB evolved over a period of time with the input from many users. It is the standard instructional tool for the introductory and advanced course in mathematics, engineering, and science.

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Python is also one of the top programming languages. This language is required and used by the majority of computer courses. It is extensively used for the machine learning projects development.

This means that if anyone wants to pursue a career in machine learning, Python programming is a must. It is also necessary for the students looking for the data analytics jobs.

Both Matlab and Python have their own importance. You cannot tell which one is better. It depends on the use cases. In some use cases, Python may be appropriate while in others Matlab may be the right choice.

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