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How Students can Build a Career in AI and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is making headlines every now and then. It is a hyped topic which is hard to ignore. AI and machine learning are penetrating in every field of concern like healthcare, finance, banking, the stock market, automobile etc. Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning services in one form or another proves that it is a viable career option.

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There is a void in the artificial intelligence field as there is a scarcity of workforce in artificial intelligence. Choosing artificial intelligence as a career option can be a smart choice as it is the technology of the future. Many students want to pursue career in artificial intelligence in India too. But due to lack of guidance and proper training, they are hesitant to choose AI and machine learning as a career option.

At DummyByte which is an industrial training institute in Chandigarh, we offer world class AI and machine learning training to students of all backgrounds. We have closely worked on AI and machine learning technologies with our onshore as well as offshore clients. We have worked on speech recognition, face detection, prediction systems, recommendation systems etc. In your 6 months industrial training course, you will learn how to work on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

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AI Career Landscape

Artificial intelligence is given more transaction because of the recent innovations in the field. Artificial intelligence has become a viable career choice for a while now but because of the growing adoption of technology across industries, and the need for trained professionals to do the AI jobs. AI experts predict that by 2020, AI will create around 2.3 million jobs.

AI will also offer many unique and viable career options. AI is used in almost every industry from entertainment to transport, and we have a huge demand for qualified and skilled professionals. If you want to step into to the AI career, you must undergo 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh from DummyByte.

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AI and Machine learning

If you are new to this field, you might be wondering what artificial intelligence is? Artificial intelligence is the technology of making intelligent machines. It is the software that learns similar to how humans learn and mimic human learning so it can perform some of our jobs for us and perform better and faster than a human could. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It is the process by which AI learns.

AI has a lot of benefits. Both the companies and people are benefitted from artificial intelligence. People use artificial intelligence on daily basis to find their destinations and other applications. Businesses can use AI to assess risk and define the opportunity.

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Subsets of Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning development lead to new capabilities. Also, there are subsets within the area of machine learning each of which has a potential area of specialization for those who are interested in a career in artificial intelligence.

Neural Network: Neural networks are integral for teaching computers to think and learn by classifying information similar to how humans learn. With the neural networks, the software can learn to recognize images. Machines can also make predictions with a high level of accuracy based on the data input.

Natural Language Processing: Natural Language Processing gives machines the ability to understand human languages.

Reasons you should do 6 months industrial training in AI and machine learning

Here are a few reasons why you should gain certification in Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

The demand for certified AI professionals will grow

One in five companies will be using artificial intelligence in 2018. It will help the companies offer customized solutions and instructions to employees in real time. Therefore, a sharp increase in the demand for professionals with skills in emerging technologies like AI will grow.

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New and unconventional career path

Artificial intelligence is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. The emerging technology is going to create new jobs. Because of artificial intelligence, new skill sets are required in the workforce, leading to new job opportunities. Some of the top artificial intelligence roles include:

AI/ machine learning researcher: Research and identify improvements to machine learning algorithms.

AI software development, program management: Develop systems and architecture that can apply machine learning to an input data set.

Data mining and analysis: Investigate large data source, creating and training systems to recognize the patterns.

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Machine learning applications: Apply machine learning or AI framework to a specific problem in a different domain. For example, applying machine learning to face recognition and ad analysis.

Improve the earning potential

The earning potential of Ai developer is high. The average artificial intelligence engineer can earn $135,000 per year. Many of the top tech companies are investing in AI technology. A certification in the AI is a step in the right direction to enhance your earning potential.

Higher chances of interview

If you are looking to work in the AI industry, 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh will help you to reach the interview stage because you possess the skills that many people in the market do not.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future technologies and they will have a huge impact on society. Be a part of the change and get 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh in artificial intelligence and machine learning from DummyByte. You can contact DummyByte via email at or through Contact us form.