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Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Online Courses

We provide online courses to students backed by strong study material. Study online and get your doubts cleared by subject experts.

Our Mission

We foster an environment which allows students to take ownership of their education by being flexible with course selections and duration.

Professional Certificate

Get certified with our wide range of online courses. Certification programs allow students to enhance their understanding of their field.

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Educational PROGRAMS

DummyByte provides various educational programs and industrial training to the students so, they are ready for the industry environment and get industrial exposure. At DummyByte, we deal with 6 months as well as 6 weeks industrial training. We provide courses on Python development, machine learning, C, C++, Java etc.

Work on Live Projects

Implement the theoretical knowledge on live projects to get the better insight.

Overall Development

We focus on the overall development of students from technical to soft skills.

Get Hands-on Experience

Learn technologies from scratch. Our subject experts know what’s best for you.

Become a Pro form Beginner

We have produced industry professionals who are working in reputed MNCs.

Choose Your Courses


DummyByte has a huge set of certification courses to choose from. Have a look at our most popular and featured courses.

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The Best Choice

How Dummybyte Changes Lives and Improves Careers

DummyByte understands the industry needs very well. We prepare students to fit in all the industry needs and leave their mark in the corporate world. Our certification programs help students to stand out from the crowd.